Minority girl gang raped at Periojpur: An Investigative Report

Picture (Courtesy HRCBM-Dhaka): Ms. Biva of HRCBM-Dhaka video recording the statements of the victim Ms. Gita Rani Bepari (15) while police officer accompanied the HRCBM team is registering the case.
Picture (HRCBM-Dhaka): The victim Ms. Gita Rani Bepari is shown with two of her sisters who have also sought protection. The two other sisters of the victims are afraid that criminal may attack them too.

Investigation conducted by: HRCBM-Dhaka.

Report submitted by: Adv. Rabindra Ghosh, HRCBM-Dhaka.

Date of Investigation: on 9th of June,04.

The Report

I, Rabindra Ghosh ,Ms. Biva Rani Biswas of HRCBM-Dhaka and Debashish Kumar Litu, a local reporter of District representative of the daily “ Ajker Kagoj” visited the place of occurrence at Sikdar Mallick of Perojpur Sadar P.S. District – Perojpur on 9th of June, 04 and investigated the incident of gang rape of minority Hindu girl Ms. Gita Rani Bepari daughter of Gouranga Bepari. We reached Perojpur town 230 kilometers from Dhaka by bus and reached the spot at Nazirpur Bali Babla village 22 kilometers from Perojpur town.

Background Information

As soon as we got information published in different news papers of Bangladesh that a Hindu girl namely Ms. Gita Rani Bepari (15}daughter of Gouranga Barai and Ms.Kanan Bala Bepari. She was the student of Class IX Nagar Bari High School, Perojpur. On 20th of May, 2004 at about 8 a.m. was going to Perojpur town for her treatment with her younger brother – some criminals caught hold of Ms. Gita and abducted her. She was than brutally raped en masse until rescued by police later on. But the racially motivated Medical Board maliciously given negative report. Ms. Gita Rani should be given legal shelter immediately.

First of all, we went to Perojpur Sadar P.S. to know the incident of above gang rape of Ms. Gita Rani Bepari. Our Women Wing Personnel Ms. Biva Rani discussed with the Officer-in-Charge, Sayed Rabiul Islam for the safety of the members of victim family at Bali Babla, Nazirpur PS . The O.C. assured us for protection of this Minority Hindu family and assured us that the culprits will be arrested soon.

Spot investigation

We along with a Sub-Inspector of Police, Matiur Rahaman who is also an investigating officer of the case went to the spot – Sikder Mallik by micro-bus where the victim girl was gang raped , 10/12 kilometers away from Perojpur police station . We asked the following persons how Ms. Gita Rani was gang raped. All the witnesses disclosed that Ms. Gita was caught and raped by the accused one after another namely 1) Monir son of Habibur Rahaman 2) Zahid son of Hanif Sheikh 3) Munna son of Delwar Hossain 4) Mitu son of Habibur Rahaman 5) Zakir son of Moktader Sikdar 6) Habibur Rahaman son of late Sakawat Hossain 7) Pervez son of Soharab Hossain. All of Sikder Mallik, PS and Dist. Perojpur. A case number 9 dated 20th of May, 2004 has been started against the accused under section 9(3)/30 of Nari O Shishu Nirtajan Ain read with section 379 of the Bangladesh Penal code. And the case is now under investigation: The following witnesses present on the date of investigation at the place of occurrence deposed that the incident of rape is genuine and the culprits should be brought to book:

1.Ms,Joytun Bibi wife of Belayet
2.Alamgir son of Azmeer Sheikh
3.Ms.Razia wife of Zamal Sheikh
4.Afzal Mridha son of late Motahar Ali Mridha
5.Zahangir Hossain son of Amjad Ali Sikder
6.Hyder Ali son of late Sattar Ali
7.Saidul Sikder son of late Shamsu Sikder {Rickshaw puller}
8.Ms.Farzana Begum wife of Abdul Hye
9.Ms.Fazila Begum wife of Abu Sheikh
10.Farhad Howlader son of Sahar Ali
11.Shahid son of Abdul Hoque Sheikh, Member Ward No.1 Durgapur -3

The Doctor of Medical Board was biased and submitted a false report as the mother of accused is the Staff Nurse of the said Perojpur Sadar Hospital

We also went to Perojpur Sadar Hospital to know why the medical report submitted by the Medical Board was not in accordance with the provision of law. The doctors produced the victim girl on the date of rape before Perojpur Sadar Hospital for medical examination. But it is curious to note that as Ms. Rowsan Ara Habib- mother of accused Monir is the Staff Nurse working at Perojpur Sadar Hospital who influenced the Medical Board to give negative report in favor of the accused persons involved in the rape case. We also examined the Doctors namely Ms. Khaleda Parveen, Dr. Amal Chandra Roy and Dr. Sunil Krishna Baul their report but they hesitated to give up authenticated and satisfactory reply. We have videotaped all their oral statements, the contradictory statements of the doctors amply proved that the report of Medical Board is far from truth. The Sub-Inspector of Police is also of the opinion that the medical report is not at all genuine and the police produced the victim girl in the hospital in a very precarious condition and Ms. Gita Rani was not in a position to move due to gang rape. But the report given by the doctors are far from satisfactory.

We also went to the house of the victim. We found the victim girl and her mother Ms.Kanan Bala Bepari, sisters- Ms.Rina Bepari {22} Ms. Rita Bepari {18}and brothers – Goutam chandra Bepari{10} Uttam Chandra Bepari{7} .

We talked with them and their statements have been videotaped. The victim girl Ms. Gita was crying while she was asked to describe the situation of rape by the accused on date of occurrence. She narrated to us that she was forcefully taken to the house of accused Monir and some other accused came and started to raped her en masse. We also visited the place of occurrence where Ms.Gita was raped and noted the on-spot evidences. The local witnesses deposed to us that Ms Gita being the girl of Hindu destitute was subjected to torture :

1. Bimal Krishna Adkhikary son of Rajendra Nath Adkihikary
2. Sontosh Kumar Mistry son of Anadi Ranjan Mistry

Mrs. Kanal bala Bepari is a destitute mother who is crying for justice as her daughter has been gang-raped by some criminals of the area. She was describing most pathetic way that they should be protected and legal help should be given to them. She also gave us written statements relating to this incident in Bangla language which speaks that she need protection and legal shelter by any Human Rights Organization. We as human right activists assured them full assistance in this regard.

We also met with Alhaj Abdul Al-Azad, Superintendent of Police, Perojpur and requested him for full co-operation and also requested him to arrest the accused responsible for this heinous offence. Mr. A-Azad also assured us for co-operation and he will try to arrest those criminals very shortly.

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