Ethnic Cleansing of Hindu Pandits in Kashmir (Part 2)

Ethnic Cleansing of Hindu Pandits in Kashmir (Part 2)


  1. To Hindu,

    A\I know you are largely focused on the viewpoints of Hindus in your country. However, I was interested in learning the details about the rest of bangladesh from someone with your perspective. Things I was curious about are as follows:

    2. I know you've already given extensive info on bangladeshis' relations with the west, but I was interested in learning the specifics that I did not really inquire on the first time. For instance, I've heard that the Hindus think completely differently from the rest of Bangladesh, as do the Buddhists. They are all pro-Bush, Zionists and support America's policies in the Middle East and elsewhere. Is that true, or does furstration with America cut across religous borders.

    2. If you have ever traveled to various parts of bangladesh, would you concur that the majority muslim areas are universally underdeveloped and negelcted and hostile next to non muslim ones? I've heard it said that's true, what would you say? Also, do the attitudes of bangladeshis regarding jihad terrorism, india vs pakistan, the israeli arab conflict and American infleuce change depending on what part of the country you visit, or ar emuslims there the same everywhere basically?

    3. Lastly, one would hope the genuine liberals would win out over the radicals, but somehow genuine moderates never do seem to have real infleunce. I suppose Shoaib Choudhury is a case in point. I mean, how many muslims in Bangladesh have ever trully taken his or his colleaugues' message to heart regarding tolerance and respect for the jews and christians? And then there is the whole thing with his encouraging support, sympathy and respect for israel. Obviously that did not go over real well as Bangladesh still does not recognize israel; they say out of solidarity with palestinians but they really mean becaus ejews are sons of apes and pigs. Are there really any muslims at all who took his message of respect for israel and the jews to heart, I mean, in Indians for example; maybe muslims are all to mind warped, even in *moderate* bangladesh, to think for themselves.

    However, I do suppose there could be a large number of muslims who believe exactly the way he dpes regarding Israel, Jews and Christians but are scared to death of being public about it for fear of retribution from middle east and paksitani supported militants and brainwashed masses. WOuld you concur with that, and have bangladeshi muslims you know yourself ever said they agree with the likes of Shoaib but would be terrified of going public about it?

    Interested in your response.


  2. it is not clear that what do you want to said.